go-echo-middleware-JWT 中间件

JWT 提供了一个 JSON Web Token (JWT) 认证中间件。

  • 对于有效的 token,它将用户置于上下文中并调用下一个处理程序。
  • 对于无效的 token,它会发送 “401 – Unauthorized” 响应。
  • 对于丢失或无效的 Authorization 标头,它会发送 “400 – Bad Request” 。





  SigningKey: []byte("secret"),
  TokenLookup: "query:token",


// JWTConfig defines the config for JWT middleware.
JWTConfig struct {
  // Skipper defines a function to skip middleware.
  Skipper Skipper

  // Signing key to validate token.
  // Required.
  SigningKey interface{}

  // Signing method, used to check token signing method.
  // Optional. Default value HS256.
  SigningMethod string

  // Context key to store user information from the token into context.
  // Optional. Default value "user".
  ContextKey string

  // Claims are extendable claims data defining token content.
  // Optional. Default value jwt.MapClaims
  Claims jwt.Claims

  // TokenLookup is a string in the form of "<source>:<name>" that is used
  // to extract token from the request.
  // Optional. Default value "header:Authorization".
  // Possible values:
  // - "header:<name>"
  // - "query:<name>"
  // - "cookie:<name>"
  TokenLookup string

  // AuthScheme to be used in the Authorization header.
  // Optional. Default value "Bearer".
  AuthScheme string


DefaultJWTConfig = JWTConfig{
  Skipper:       defaultSkipper,
  SigningMethod: AlgorithmHS256,
  ContextKey:    "user",
  TokenLookup:   "header:" + echo.HeaderAuthorization,
  AuthScheme:    "Bearer",
  Claims:        jwt.MapClaims{},

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